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Women’s Eye Health and Vision Introduction

Women, you often are the ones who take care of your family health concerns. Are you aware of how to protect your own eye sight? Hormonal changes, your age, smoking and a variety of other conditions can affect your eye sight. You must make eye health a priority for yourself!

Fact: Over 3.4 million Americans age 40 and older suffer from visual impairment, and 2.25 million are women.

Fact: Women are more prone than men to AMD in particular, which destroys central vision, with 1 million of the 1.6 million cases diagnosed to females, according to the “Vision Problems in the U.S.” report by Prevent Blindness America (PBA) and the National Eye Institute. Women also suffer from more cataract problems than men.

Eye diseases are on the rise in North America. One reason is the aging factor, people live longer. The older one gets, the more the eyes will degenerate. Women often outlive men, and therefore, the increase of eye disease in women. Obesity, lack of exercise, stress and a bad diet all help to determine the health of your eyes.

Make eye health a priority. Read and research on ways to help maintain eye health. If you do have an eye condition and have not seen your eye doctor, do so right away, early detection is a top priority in treating disease.

Some conditions to be aware of and see your doctor about:

Chronic dry eye syndrome: Do you rub your eyes a lot. Do they feel gritty? If yes, see your doctor.

Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases: Thought the symptoms are varied, eye ache, gritty feeling or tired burning eyes are all symptoms

Optic Neuritis: The patient may notice blurred or distorted vision, reduced color vision, or a blind spot.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant you must let your doctor know of any pre-existing eye conditions you have.

Macular holes: Macular holes also affect women more than men – especially those over the age of 50. Traction from the vitreous jelly inside the eye adheres to the retina and pulls at it, creating a small hole in the retina that takes away the center of a patient’s vision. Early symptoms include blurry or distorted vision.

Your thyroid and diabetes can also affect your eyes. There are ways to help keep, strengthen or regain the health of your eyes.

Always check with an eye professional first. Never take the health of your eyes into your own hands by performing your own diagnosis. And, never let a non professional tell you how to deal with conditions of your eyes. Listen to those who give you advice, and learn, but always seek PROFESSIONAL advice before you embark on a plan, always.

As women, you need to be aware of the conditions that can affect you. First step, is make sure you have the proper medical advice and diagnosis, then, to help yourself further, also check into alternative ways to improve your condition.